The coaching with LPGA Tour Player Sandra Gal gives you a custom plan, tools, accountability, and support necessary to achieve a single digit, scratch level or tour level golf game.

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Why I can help:

I have worked with many world class coaches during my 14 years on the LPGA Tour and they have helped me with the following achievements:

  • 1st place  KIA Classic
  • Represented Europe at the Solheim Cup (2x) including one win
  • Represented Germany at the Olympics 
  • 30 top 10 finishes on the LPGA tour
  • 3rd place finish US Open
  • Best amateur in the world in 2007
  • Prize money of $4,577,676

Who it’s for:

The coaching is for you if you have at least a handicap of 15 or below, if your goal is getting to a single digit handicap, scratch level or tour level golf game.

Would you like to work on any of the following things and more?

  • Think and practice like the pros.
  • Reduce mistakes on the golf course and eliminate fear of mistakes.
  • Put an end to second guessing yourself and overthinking.
  • Stop letting one bad hole ruin your round.
  • Elevate your short game and learn bulletproof ways to improve it.
  • Simplify your technical thoughts so you can play your best golf.

How it works:

The performance coaching gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

  • Custom plan: 1-on-1 session with LPGA Tour Player Sandra Gal
  • Tools: Get all the tools required for better commitment, present moment focus, enhancing trust in yourself and changing your result-driven thinking into process-oriented awareness
  • Coaching: weekly Zoom sessions

Client testimonials:

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Ursina Sandra Gal
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Nina H 1 Sandra Gal

How to get started:

If you are a golf enthusiast having at least a handicap of 15 and you’re interested in performance coaching to maximize results and your on course experience —

To receive more information, register below.

Or send an email to and someone from our team will schedule a meeting with you on Zoom to learn more about your golf game and see if a coaching with Sandra Gal is a good fit.

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