About Golf Skool

We are a small young team of professional golfers, PGA Professionals, golf fitness coaches & sport-scientists.

Here you’ll learn: who we help, what we do, our philosophy, story, and team members.

Who we help

We help hobby golfers who struggle with their golf-fitness and we help golfers who are already playing on a high level (only handicap 15 or better) to achieve their goal of scratch or tour level golf.

What we do

We have two programs: Golf Skool Mastermind and Golf performance coaching. Golf Skool Mastermind helps hobby golfers to achieve the golf mobility, golf balance and coordination they need to play the best golf they can and be pain-free by participating in a weekly golf fitness program that reduces: stiffness, incidence of injury, joint discomfort and improves: range of motion, training capacity, athletic performance, mental calm, sleep and happiness on the golf course. Performance coaching gives high level players a custom plan, live events, tools, community, coaching, accountability and support necessary to achieve scratch level or tour level golf. These two programs are aimed to maximize on course happiness and results.

Our philosophy

We think that the first and most important step for having good results on the course is a solid golf-fitness. We see it with all golfers around the world. The more flexible you are and the more you are able to get in the right position in your swing, the better you will perform.

  1. Results – We are focused on results. Being golf fit is the first step for consistency, gaining distance and having fun on the course while playing pain-free.
  2. Simplicity – especially playing on a high level, you need to feel super comfortable with the way you play – doing less is more
  3. Joy – if its not fun, you are doing it wrong.

Our Team

We’re a fully remote, cross-functional team.

Golftrainer Sandra Gal 5 300x300 1 About Golf Skool

Sandra Gal

Co Founder & LPGA Tour Player

Brings input from the LPGA Tour, helps clients holistically elevate their golf game.

Golftrainer Sigmar Reich pqjgykih3wue3g1fqn4rs5h3taxxzs1po61rc90k3c About Golf Skool

Sigmar Reich

Co Founder & Golf Sport scientist

Manages the day-to-day operations, and helps clients.

ElenaGolftrainerBildschirmfoto 2022 11 10 um 14.04.34 About Golf Skool

Elena Witzel

Sport scientist & Golf Fitness Coach

Doing weekly mobility & Yoga classes, helping achieve results for a pain-free and better golf game.

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is via email – support@golfskool.com

You can follow us on YouTube here.

You can join our Newsletter here to receive 1-3 quality emails every week from Golfskool.com.

Our Privacy policy, Terms and conditions, and other legal pages are here.

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