5 Simple Exercises for low Back Pain

You want to be part of our Golf Community and elevate your golf game holistically?

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What You Can Achieve:

✅ Consistency on the course
✅ 10-30 extra yards of accurate DISTANCE on your drives
✅ Peak performance under pressure
✅ Improved golf fitness and pain-free play

What to Expect:

  • Enjoy the best golf of your life within 1-2 years
  • Gain insights from LPGA Tour player Sandra Gal

How It Works:

  • Twice a week live golf fitness workouts + recordings
  • Monthly mental game and course management tips with Sandra Gal
  • 14-day golf challenges
  • Weekly live group coaching calls
  • Connect with like-minded golfers in the Skool Community
  • First to access application for 1:1 Performance Coaching with Sandra Gal

Investment: $29/MONTH ($1/DAY) – recurring payment, no long-term contracts, cancel any time, 14 days money back guarantee included.

Swing into success, but act swiftly – this elite offer concludes on November 29th. Elevate your golf game and receive an invitation to the Mastermind within 10 hours.

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